The Man with a Pocketful of Bees – latest from Frances

The Man with a Pocketful of Bees – latest from Frances

Old Sam, reclusive Gentleman of the Road, enjoys a magical summer wandering the hills with his new friends the bees who have set up home in his trouser pocket, but when winter comes there  is a problem; the bees need a warm winter home and want to go down into the village. Old Sam doesn’t like to(…)

She Should Have Come for Me – short fiction for adults 0

This novella is a dark thriller for adults told from a unique perspective.  Available for download on Kindle. Kindle: She Should Have Come for Me

Where is She Now? – Short fiction for adults

Where is She Now? – Short fiction for adults 0

Rosemary wants only to feel the calm promised in the hymns of her childhood, she wants to ‘lay down her burden and enter in.’ Cradling her green pocket book wrapped in an old green shawl, she wanders through her daily life with her husband Brian, her traumatized self, and her alter ego, the bossy and(…)

The Cookie Thief

The Cookie Thief 0

Someone has been stealing cookies .. but who? Everyone in the family is locking away their cookies, and Thomas is upset because now there are no cookies to eat.  His wise friend Kristina helps him to make a plan and to catch the Cookie Thief.  Order now from Frances Gilbert Books on Amazon    

Stories for Listening 0

A collection of Frances Gilbert Stories on Audio CD.

Goodnight World Outside 0

Elephant Blue 0

A World of Numbers 0

Children interact with numbers in the world around them in this book which features beautiful photography by Sharon Rentz. Order now on

To Know the Sea 0

Celeste and Regine in the Rainforest 0