Monte Cristo ready for Frances Gilbert, plus Artwork by Ben Quesnel 0

Monte Cristo Bookshop is all ready for Frances Gilbert’s reading this Saturday, May 11th.  They’ve set up a very nice display of the artwork bby Ben Quesnel for “The Cookie Thief” and “Today the Teacher Changed our Seats”  – books AND artwork will be on sale. Hope you can make it!  11 a.m. at Monte Cristo Bookshop, 13 Washington Street, New London, CT

frances gilbert book with Ben Quesnel Artword

Frances Gilbert books with Ben Quesnel Artwork at the Monte Cristo Bookshop, New London, CT

“Where is She Now” one of Top 10 Indie Reads from IndieTribe 0

IndieTribe, a UK-based independent book resource, has included France Gilbert’s “Where is She Now” in the Top 10 Indie reads for Summer. Check out the review and other Indie reads! Ten Indie Books for Summer

Set in the UK, “Where is She Now” is a satisfying read, rich in detail and description with a surprise ending.

Frances Gilbert has been called a master writer (Ina Chadwick in Connecticut Muse – Winter 2009 )
and Nina Sankovitch ( 2010) put this book in her favorite mysteries category and said it is a stunning psychological thriller, a wonderful novel that left her “gasping and roiling, breathless and blown away.”